The Commercial Artist

With nearly two decades of experience in the film, print and television industries, Richard Munoz has performed several roles on-set. His work in makeup artistry, hair and wardrobe styling, have created a vast body of work. Truly dedicated, Richard is known for his attention to detail and ability to perform a broad spectrum of artistry. He is known for his research and follow-through in creating looks that are era and project appropriate, while having the ability to think on his feet should the unexpected arise. This experience has allowed him to serve as an artist in feature films, print campaigns and television productions. Mr. Munoz's client list includes actors, musicians, models and political figures. Richard Munoz's work has been featured on ABC, CBS, E! Entertainment Television and the FOX Business and FOX News channels.

'I love my work; while it can be very challenging it is equally rewarding. I was key makeup artist on a feature film about Alzheimer's disease. For about a year before filming, I studied tons of case studies and visited several convalescent homes and hospices to see people who were afflicted with the disease. I needed to see in person what effects the disease has on the skin and the features of the face. While it was difficult subject matter to see and learn about, I feel it was critical to create a true and honest representation of the disease. No artist can nail down those details unless they see and experience them first-hand.'

Summer 2017 Richard served as a guest artist for the California State University Summer Arts Program. Lecturing at Fresno State University and University of Southern California, Richard was able to use his on-set experience to help actors put their best image forward when entering the film and commercial acting arenas.


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